Our Mission!

Girl and boy having fun learning to cook

Growing and cooking fantastic food is relaxing and can reduce stress.

By learning to grow food we inspire a generation. The joy of a seed germinating and nurturing it to grow teaches many life skills such as patience and responsibility. We can learn about seasonality, self reliance, sustainability, how to produce less waste and how to reduce our carbon footprint. Gardening and being outdoors also keeps us fit and active.

Learning to cook can introduce a healthier lifestyle as you have more control over the nutritional content. Processed or ready produced food contains more salt, fat, sugar, flavour enhancers and has preservatives to make it last longer on the shelf. Learning to cook enhances self confidence; it is creative and it tastes great and is so much better for you because you are in control of what is in it.

‘Let's make producers not consumers!’

In producing, making or growing something, we are encouraging creativity something that consuming does not. Join one of or classes or workshops to learn a new skill or improve your life style and become a producer!

Sound good?

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