Our Environmental Strategy

Grow Cook Enjoy believe it is our responsibility to reduce, recycle, reuse and regenerate.

Taking our commitment to the environment further we have developed an Environmental Strategy which we will review quaterly to further equip our business in taking a responsible approach to the environment .

We have reviewed our day to day activities to minimise and reduce Grow Cook Enjoy’s environmental impact, we are not perfect but we are trying to ensure we are doing everything we can to make our business better.


How we get to work.

By car sharing, cycling and walking, only 34% of our journeys to classes are by car. Sept 2019

We try to employ local people to keep travel to a minimum. When using a car is unavoidable we try to travel to classes together.


Products we use

If possible we buy seasonal food and even produce some! We used the honey from Jayne’s bees and produce such as apples, onions, beans, carrots and rhubarb we try to grow.

We only buy exactly what we need reducing food waste.

Carefully planned classes mean that we only buy the exact amount of produce so we have little waste!

All vegetable waste is composted Some peelings are fed to our chickens and the rest are composted. We use the compost to grow more vegetables!!

All of the packaging used in our classes is either compostable, recyclable or reusable, we also ask customers to return packaging for us to reuse or recycle.

We try not to use single use plastic. We don’t use cling film, we sometimes use plastic bags if we make bread dough or to take plants home in for germinating, we ask for these to be returned to us if possible.

We minimise the sure of unsound chemicals. Whilst by law we are required to use certain chemicals to sanitise, we use Eco products for laundry and dish washing etc.

How we monitor

By creating a quarterly review completed and with input from staff we can review our KPIs, and keep staff engaged and motivated to achieve and promote this strategy.

Promoting Environmental Awareness

A large part of our business teaches children. We endeavor to educate children in terms of environmental issues as much as we can. On a weekly basis talk about the food we are using and where it comes from. How they can recycle or compost the bag given to take bakes home in etc.