Primary Classes

Classes run either in school time to complement the national curriculum or as after-school clubs.

Classes last approximately 45/60 minutes. Grow Cook Enjoy supplies all necessary equipment, ingredients and packaging for the child to proudly take home their food. Children are also given a Grow Cook Enjoy recipe card to take home so they can repeat the experience at home!

The children are really proud of what they have made.

We have found that if children cook for themselves they are more likely to try different foods. We teach the importance of good nutrition and being healthy. We look at the origins of food and we make recipes from different countries and cultures such as like pasta, sushi and tacos. We think about where in the world our ingredients grow and how they were transported to us.

Kinds words…

Wow ! What an enlightening, calm and organized experience!
The children came up with a meal they would like to make using the produce they had grown ... small groups picked, cleaned, cut and prepared the food they had grown and turn it into a tasty meal that they wanted to cook and eat. FANTASTIC!!
— Sharyn McCarthy - Reception Teacher/Leader of Learning

Classes have multiple educational links

They promote key skills including:

  • Maths – practical applications of weighing, counting and measuring, estimating, fractions (half or a quarter of something), volume and space.

  • Reading - specially designed recipe cards allow small children to follow step by step instructions showing that reading has a practical benefit too! This impacts their understanding of instructive texts and how to write instructions/recipes themselves.

  • History, Literature and Culture - where recipes are from, food in stories, why people eat different foods and their beliefs

  • Science - reversible/non reversible changes/changing states - What happens when we put ingredients together and cook things - melting, whipping and beating? Method, observation and result.

The introduction of cookery skills promotes the preparation of food safely and hygienically which is literally a life skill!


Grow Cook Enjoy School Workshops

Our workshops can be themed to compliment your school projects:

  • The Victorian Garden

  • Dig for Victory

  • Viking Feast

  • Ancient Greece

  • Celebrating Culture Through Food

  • The Life Cycle of a Bee - Beekeeping and Pollination

  • Recipes themed to Literature

Kind Words

Rebecca says she likes cookery club ‘because the food tastes great’, I like it because it encourages her to try new things and many of the recipes have become firm favourites that the children help cook at home
— Jo, Epsom
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Private Classes

One on one or small groups

Grow Cook Enjoy offer private classes either in our kitchen or the comfort of your own home. Whether it is to spend some quality time with your child or to help with a particular dietary need, Grow Cook Enjoy can tailor sessions to suit your requirements. Contact us for more details